Why does the auto-ignition of a gas stove or panel constantly click and not turn off?

Modern gas stoves are equipped with an automatic ignition system. It is very convenient and practical, you can forget about matches and lighters. It is enough to press a special button or at all, almost like in an electric stove, … Continued

What do you do if the washing machine overheats the water?

If the washing machine overheats the water, then for colored linen, woolen, and cotton things this can be a disaster. Each washing program provides a certain temperature: 30, 40, 60 degrees. Delicate clothes should be washed in the most gentle … Continued

Why does water appear in a new or off machine?

The washing machine can spontaneously fill with water even when it is turned off. And this is a serious problem that can turn into the fact that your apartment will be flooded, and if this happens when you are not … Continued

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