U-Line Appliance Repair Orange County Authorized Service

U-Line Appliance Repair Orange County Authorized Service

U-Line Appliance Repair Orange County Authorized Service

U-Line Appliance Repair Orange County Authorized Service

Expert Appliance Repair Orange County has a team of experienced repair technicians who specialize in repairing appliances manufactured by the company U-Line Appliance. Expert Appliance Repair Orange County offers both repair and replacement estimates. If you are in need of appliance repair in the Orange County area, call Expert Appliance Repair Orange County at (949) 428-1950. We specialize in U-line Appliance repair, including U-Line Modular Refrigeration repair, U-Line Point of Use Refrigeration repair, U-line Modular 3000 Series repair, U-line Refrigerator repair, U-line Freezer repair, U-line Ice Maker repair, U-line Wine Cooler repair, U-line Counter repair, and many more.

U Line Appliance

The company U-Line Appliance was founded in the year of 1962 by Henry Uihlein.
The name of the company came about when Henry Uihlein decided to start his own appliance company. He named the company U-Line based on the phonetic representation of his German name.

Henry Uihlein’s first invention was an under-counter ice maker. He was the first person to patent and sell an automatic stand-alone under-counter ice maker made solely for household use. The ice maker gained so much popularity that U-Line Appliance began manufacturing kitchen and household appliances, including several under-counter combinations of wine storage systems, freezers, ice makers, refrigerators, and refrigerated drawers.

U-Line was originally founded in North America, and is currently based out of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Since U-Line was first founded in 1962, the company has hit many milestones through the inventions of unique kitchen and household appliances made mostly for residential use.

The company U-Line Appliance was the first company to introduce the under-counter Combo Model Refrigerator and Ice Maker in the year of 1971. That same year, U-Line introduced the first portable ice maker designed with a water tank, making it more convenient for users to move the unit wherever they please.

In the 1980s, U-Line Appliance developed the first ice maker powered by a 12 volt DC for TV and marine applications, the first under-counter wine refrigerator with 3 adjustable temperature zones designed for residential wine storage, and the first solid state ice maker with sound tones and lights to inform the user about necessary defrosting times.

During the 1990s, the company developed the first residential freezer with frost-free technology made for under-counter refrigeration. U-Line Appliance became the very first North American appliance manufacturer to remove chlorofluorocarbons from their foam insulation, and by the end of the decade, the company had introduced the first clear ice cube maker in the world.

In the early 2000s, U-Line Appliance came out with the Echelon Series, which was an appliance line that consisted of refrigerators, combination refrigerators, ice makers/luxury ice machines, freezers, and wine storage units.

Expert Appliance Repair Orange County

If your U-Line appliance is not performing well, this could be due to a number of reasons. Expert Appliance Repair Orange County can help you identify the current problem affecting the performance of your appliance and estimate the cost of repair or replacement. Once you have found out the estimated cost, we can help you to decide whether repairing or replacing the appliance would be the more appropriate choice.

If you have a malfunctioning U-Line appliance and are looking for the best repairment service with the lowest costs, call Expert Appliance Repair Orange County!

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