What do you do if ice appears to the back wall of the refrigerator?

There are so many problems with the refrigerator. But the most prevalent problem is when ice appears on the back wall of the fridge. If you have this problem, then this is frosting. The consequence of this problem is spoilage of products.

If you observe ice on the wall, the reason needs to be found. Do not attempt to chop ice with a knife and always defrost the chambers, because frost are sign of a serious malfunction. Often snow is not at all a sign of breakdown.

  1. Violation of the temperature regime

    Ice on the back wall may appear due to improper use of the refrigerator. Often people forget that you can not put hot pans in the refrigerator.
    Hot objects inside the refrigerator lead to improper operation of the defrost sensors, which results in ice on the rear wall. To avoid such problems, one must adhere to the rules. The temperature of the dishes or food that you send to the refrigerator should not be above room temperature.

  2. Refrigerating chamber overload

    If your fridge is hammered, the compressor is forced to work at the limit of its capabilities, and ice appears on the walls.
    The compressor can not stand, and its replacement will be expensive. Therefore, try not to overload the refrigerator.

If you are attentive to home appliances, and the ice in the refrigerator continues to grow. Perhaps, the cause is much deeper, and only an experienced master can correct it.
In such cases, you need to call a specialist of our service center. After all, this requires not only a special tool, but also work experience. So do not try to cope with the breakdown yourself.
The repairman not only fixes the compressor malfunction, but also explains its cause, tells you how to use the refrigerator, so that it serves you for a long time without breaking down.

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