Why did the Bosch refrigerator break?

The Bosch refrigerator is popular with many users due to its modern design and functionality. But this technique is also not insured against damage. Although the malfunctions of all refrigerators are similar, there are such faults that occur more frequently … Continued

What are some reasons for breakdown of refrigerators and how to get rid of them?

A refrigerator in the house is an absolute necessity. In the event of a breakdown, a lot of problems may occur. The service center «Expert Appliance Repair» solves these problems and can repair refrigerators of any brand. Common reasons for … Continued

What do you do when the refrigerator stops cooling?

A refrigerator breaking is always unexpected and unpleasant. Often, users are confronted with other situations where the freezer is running, but the refrigerator does not cool.Telling the difference between a few degrees is difficult for a person to notice, but … Continued