The problems with different models of hobs.

The hob has been an integral part of any kitchen for along time. It takes much less space than the stove, and it is endowed with a lot of convenient functions and options. Electric, induction and gas panels are used for cooking. Of course, each of them has both advantages and disadvantages.

    Malfunctions with gas hob

    This kitchen appliance is considered one of the simplest types of appliances for cooking.
    The most common failures are the following:

    • The gas does not ignite. First of all, it is worth paying attention to the work of the electric
      ignition. Also, this detail is called piezo. In most cases, this malfunction is caused by accumulated dirt or food residues. Therefore, in order to eliminate it, you should thoroughly wash the part, then dry it and install it in place. If this does not give positive results and the gas is still bad or does not light at all, then it is necessary to check the entire electrical circuit. But, it is best to call our specialists.
    • If the gas does not flow to the burner, this is the reason that the gas hob does not turn on, it cannot fully work. First of all, it is worth checking the pipe on which the gas moves. A person can simply forget that they blocked access to gas. If the valve is open, then all injectors must be checked. Simple clean-up measures will quickly correct the situation, the equipment can again function normally.

    If the appliance has hobs of a new generation, regardless of the model, they are already equipped with a special display, which reflects all the malfunctions. When an error appears on the screen, you just need to look at the instructions, what it means, and decide how to fix the problem.

    The old and simple equipment is replaced by modern high-tech models. First of all, they

    include models that work on induction.

    But, even with these there are problems.

    • The hob no longer turns on. Often equipment is shut down after starting to work. If a person uses the induction panel for the first time, they may simply not know some features of this equipment. It does not turn on or off quickly due to a protective function that works if you put improper dishes on the surface. This applies both to its size and to the material. It is not a breakdown, but simply a distinguishing feature of this type of equipment. In addition, it will automatically turn off if dishes are removed from its surface.
    • The panel turns on itself. In order to understand exactly what the cause of this malfunction is, it is necessary to remove all metal objects from the plate and also to wipe it. If this did not work, then the fault occurred in the control unit. It is better to immediately contact our service center. Experienced technicians will be able to correctly identify the cause of the malfunction and the place where it happened, after which it will be decided whether to repair or replace the element necessary for normal operation.

    Malfunctions with the electronic hob

    • If one or more burners refusal. If this fault is detected, first of all, check the wires that transmit the voltage. Very often, due to the constant influence of high temperatures, the heating element could melt, which leads to incorrect operation of the burners.
    • The problem is in the sensor. As a result, the hobs simply turn on. This malfunction is very rare, but it is considered one of the most difficult to eliminate at home. It could happen as a result of improper operation or cleaning. First of all, you should check the wires for the absence of a rupture in them. If they are in order, then the touch panel is replaced. It is better not to risk the equipment since one wrong move will lead to a complete breakdown of the equipment. Therefore, in this case, the best option is to invite our skilled craftsman, who have extensive experience in solving such issues.
    • The hob does not turn off after use. This occurs as a result of breakage of the thermostat. There is only one way out to restore the normal operation of the equipment —buy and replace the broken part with a new one since the thermostat cannot be repaired.
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