Why does water appear in a new or off machine?

The washing machine can spontaneously fill with water even when it is turned off. And this is a serious problem that can turn into the fact that your apartment will be flooded, and if this happens when you are not at home, then the neighbors below may also suffer.

Causes of failure

Water in the washing machine drum in case of breakage can come both from the sewage system and from the water supply system. You can understand this by color and smell, if muddy water slowly appears in the drum, then it is clearly watered from the sewage system.
At the same time, when the machine takes water from the water supply without stopping, the Aquastop system will not save you from overflowing the drum with water. The anti-
leakage sensor is fixed in the washing tray and water will flow to the floor. Therefore, even the most advanced protection in this case will be powerless.

    There are two such reasons:

  1. Malfunction of the water supply valve;
  2. Siphon valve malfunction or lack thereof;

Precautionary measures
How to avoid situations when the switched off machine collects water is quite simple, you need:

  • After washing, close the water supply tap, if not, then be sure to install.
  • Connect the anti-siphon valve, which prevents the ingress of waste water, back to the machine.
  • Use a leak protection system that is installed on the floor. As we have noted, the protection system of the washing machine in this situation will not save.

What to do

Once you have determined where the water came from in the unplugged washing machine, it’s time to go to the troubleshooting steps.

  • If water comes from the sewage system, then the reason is either blockage or improper connection of the drain to the sewage system. In principle, anyone can eliminate the blockage independently. Properly remove the drain — the task is more complicated. If you cannot cope with it on your own, then you can use the service of professional installation of washing machines.
  • If the water enters the washing machine due to a faulty intake valve, you can certainly try to replace it with your own hands. However, this is a very risky undertaking, especially if you are going to change the valve for the first time. Therefore, it is not necessary to experiment — better yet, call the repairman.
  • Beware that the manufacturer’s warranty does not cover problems caused by improperly connecting the washing machine to the sewer. Therefore, in this case it makes no sense to call the warranty service center, you will be denied free repair.
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