Why does the auto-ignition of a gas stove or panel constantly click and not turn off?

Modern gas stoves are equipped with an automatic ignition system. It is very convenient and practical, you can forget about matches and lighters. It is enough to press a special button or at all, almost like in an electric stove, turn and press the torch handle — and a spark will appear that ignites the gas.
The disadvantage of this convenience is the possible breakdowns of the self-ignition system. Often, people face a problem when the ignition does not turn off: that is, clicks are heard constantly and a spark is visible, even if you don’t come up to the stove at all.

Electric ignition is constantly clicking after washing the gas stove

The most common cause of “jamming” of ignition is banal moisture. For example, if you were washing the stove, and after that the gas hob began to click, this is definitely your fault. Drops of water fall on the power button (it can be separate or built into the gas adjustment knob), the electrical circuit closes, and the spark stays on constantly. What to do? The simplest solution to the problem is to wait for the water to dry. If clicks annoy or scare you, simply unplug the cooker from the electrical outlet. Usually a few hours is enough for drying.
The more complicated option is to disassemble the electric ignition button and remove moisture. Unfortunately, for most types of stoves, it is necessary to remove the cover and quite thoroughly analyze the gas unit. Such work is better to trust the master of service center Expert Appliance Repair Orange County.

Possible failures at which electric firing occurs all the time

Malfunctions caused by electric ignition are almost always associated with the ignition button. Since they are connected in parallel to the circuit, the problem with one of the buttons leads to the fact that all the burners spark at once.
If your gas panel or stove itself clicks by auto-ignition, which, except for pulling machinery out of the socket, does not want to shut down — do not pull, call the Expert Appliance Repair Orange County service.

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