Why is the wall of the refrigerator cracked?

If you notice that ice is building up on the walls of the chamber or the insulation coating is broken, this is probably because the wall of the refrigerator has cracked. In order for the refrigeration equipment to last as long as possible, it is important to follow the rules of operation, pay attention to the slightest signs of problems.

Causes of failure

For the normal operation of the refrigerator and the preservation of products, it is important that the chamber is completely leak-tight, therefore the compartment door is equipped with a rubber seal and closely adjoins the body. If warm air enters the chamber, you may notice:

  1. The motor-compressor works without stopping. The fact is that the thermal sensor sends the module signals about the temperature rise in the compartment. Therefore, the main module makes the motor work to compensate for the temperature. Since due to damage the flow of warm air does not stop, the compressor works without stopping.
  2. Inside, on the back wall, there are visible growths of snow and ice — perhaps the isolation of the chamber is broken. This happens when the door is loose, so you need to re-hang or replace the seal.

If you recently transported a vehicle, a crack could have been formed as a result of a blow or a fall. Therefore, it is important to properly secure the refrigerator during transportation.
It also happens that the back wall is frozen outside. This means that the insulation is damaged and leads to moisture penetration and frostbite. This needs urgent repairs.

What to do to restore work

To repair the damage to the outer layer of insulation yourself, do the following:

  • unplug the refrigerator;
  • remove the wet part of the insulation layer with a sharp knife;
  • Replace normal insulation or use foam; after hardening of the foam, attach metal foil to the top.

If a crack has formed on the inner wall, you can seal it like this:

  • disable and defrost the equipment;
  • dry the chamber and degrease the area where the crack is located;
  • apply silicone sealant evenly;
  • let the sealant dry and connect the fridge.

But the best way to fix this problem is to call the service center Expert Appliance Repair Orange County. Our masters will make a quality repair.

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