Why does the vent hood not turn on or work?

Cooking is accompanied by a variety of smells: pleasant and mouth-watering or the smell of burnt food. To prevent the spread of odors, people use vent hoods.

When the hood does not work at all, it is likely that it will need substantial and complicated repairs. Our masters of the Expert Appliance Repair service center will make quality repairs.
When your hood turns on, that is, you hear the fan work, but there is no lighting in it, you are faced with a spectrum of possible problems such as the light bulb being burned down.

If the hood turns on but does not work, replacing the bulb will solve the problem if not, the light switch has broken. Probably, one of the wires in it has departed.
Also, the cause of the lack of light in the hood may be a burnt out transformer in its housing.
When you realize that the engine is buzzing, but does not work, then the problem lies in the ceramic fuse in the winding located in the motor housing. It has probably burnt out.
The second possible cause, in this case, is a condenser fault. The problem with this hood detail is either visible to the naked eye or is diagnosed by a special device.

The solution to the problem lies either in reinstalling the unit or in repairing the burnt out contact connection.
If, including the hood, you do not hear any sounds and there is no light, most likely, the reason lies in one of the probable problems with the electricity.

    If the extractor does not work at all, In this case:

  1. Is there electricity in the house?
  2. Is the plug inserted into the outlet?
  3. Is the socket is working, whether there is tension in it?
  4. Are fuses blown?
  5. Is the cord and plug of the hood working?
  6. Is the switch button operable?
  7. Is the wiring located inside the hood properly functioning?

Hoods are an indispensable detail in any kitchen. If you have this problem, you do not need to worry and you can call our servicing center and we will easily fix this problem.

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