What do you do if the washing machine overheats the water?

If the washing machine overheats the water, then for colored linen, woolen, and cotton things this can be a disaster. Each washing program provides a certain temperature: 30, 40, 60 degrees. Delicate clothes should be washed in the most gentle mode — no more than 40 C.

Signs and Causes

If the washing machine constantly heats or boils water, the parts are worn out. How to notice this:

  • With a slight overheating (at 10-20 C), things can flat, even at 30-degree mode.
  • When boiling you may notice that steam is coming from behind the door. The walls of the car will be hot.

What to do.

Before looking for the cause of the problem, interrupt the washing program, disconnect the appliances from power. Try to start the drain mode: if the water is very hot, it is better to wait a few hours until it cools down. Boiling water can damage the hoses of the washing machine. If the drain does not start, wait for cooling and run it through the drain filter.

As the water is heated in the washing machine

As soon as the tank is full, the machine starts heating:

  • The control board signals the start of operation of the heater.
  • As soon as the temperature reaches the set level, the thermometer informs the module.
  • The control element gives the heater a command to stop operating.

If one of the three parts breaks down or if their work fails, the washer begins to boil water. An additional reason may be burnt wiring.
Overheating of water is dangerous both for the machine itself and for the house — especially if the water in the machine boils! After all, hot water can cause serious damage to the room.
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