What do you do when the refrigerator stops cooling?

A refrigerator breaking is always unexpected and unpleasant. Often, users are confronted with other situations where the freezer is running, but the refrigerator does not cool.Telling the difference between a few degrees is difficult for a person to notice, but the products in the refrigerator spoil just before ones eyes.

Remember, the problem is not in low-quality dairy products, but in the fact that the temperature in the refrigerating has become higher than necessary. You need to find out as soon as possible the reason why the refrigerator is not staying cool enough.

The reasons why the refrigerator stopped frosting:

  1. The door does not tightly close

    Perhaps a foreign object has fallen into the rubber band of the door, which prevents the door from closing tightly. Check not only the side of the rubber, but also the integrity of the protective rubber band. Punctures, ruptures or flaking can promote the release of cold air outside.

  2. High Temperatures in the Room (More characteristics of single-chamber models)

    If the refrigerator is near a hot battery or the room is very warm, and the freezer is set for maximum freezing, the electric motor does not cope with the high load. Try to choose another mode of operation. After that, reset it to the desired temperature and turn on the device. Do not forget about the insulation of the batteries near the refrigerator.

  3. Damage to Metal Cooling Elements and Leakage of Freon.

    In similar event, you removed the ice with a cooling grid using a knife, or other metal object during defrosting. This cannot be done without the help of a qualified master. But, solving the issue without colossal costs is possible. It will be necessary to seal the damaged area. If you do not want the refrigerator to freeze, never force the flaking of the ice during defrosting. It is better to wait for complete thawing and then easily remove the lagging ice.

The described breakdowns are typical for both single-chamber and double-chamber refrigerators. Basically, such failure is associated with improper operation, non-observance of sanitary norms of use and can be independently diagnosed and prevented.

But, sometimes the refrigerator does not cool, although all the norms are observed and there are no apparent reasons for the malfunction. In these cases, you need to carefully inspect the appliance and analyze how it is operating. Most likely, it will not be possible to repair at home without a repairman.

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