Why did the Bosch refrigerator break?

The Bosch refrigerator is popular with many users due to its modern design and functionality. But this technique is also not insured against damage. Although the malfunctions of all refrigerators are similar, there are such faults that occur more frequently with Bosch models. For example, the fridge or the freezer not working.
Typical breakdowns of the Bosch refrigerator
Models with electronic control often notify the user of a malfunction, highlighting the error code on the display. Having learned the meaning of the code, the user can quickly find the cause of the breakdown. But not always the error helps to understand the problem.

You need to pay attention to the operation of the refrigerator — failures hint at the causes of the malfunction. Is your.

The reasons that lead to breakdown.

  • Worn refrigerator parts. This happens after a long service life or in the event of misuse.
  • Refrigerant leakage due to mechanical damage or due to damage to the capillary system.
  • Faulty start relay and thermostat — this leads to the fact that one camera can freeze, and the other does not.
  • Failure of the motor-compressor.
  • Malfunctions in the No Frost defrost system.

The refrigerator compartment does not work.

It often happens that the freezer does not work, and the refrigeration department is functioning normally. Or vice versa — the refrigeration department stopped working, but the freezer works “according to the full program”. Why does it happen?
First make sure that you follow the rules of operation:

  • Is the chamber door firmly closed? Otherwise, the constant penetration of warm air leads to an imbalance in the system.
  • If you have a No Frost system, check if the fan has frozen. In this case, the cold will not flow into one of the chambers.

Maybe it is breaking down.

  • If the fan does not work, but there is snow covering the freezer, then the reason is in the evaporator. If the evaporator is covered with a layer of ice, which prevents the rotation of the fan. Need repair or replacement of the evaporator heater.
  • If the freezer compartment is very frozen, the compressor is working without stopping. The thermostat in the freezer or the evaporator sensor broke. The system forces cold because of incorrect data.
  • Freon leak. This could be due to mechanical damage to the wall. Leakage in the steel circuit is possible.

The signs of breakage are superficial: to accurately determine what has broken, you need to carry out professional diagnostics. Often this behavior of the refrigerator is associated with malfunctions in the electronic board. Repair control board — a difficult task. Most often, an unstable voltage in the network leads to the combustion of electronic elements. Therefore, it is recommended to install a stabilizer.

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