What are some reasons for breakdown of refrigerators and how to get rid of them?

A refrigerator in the house is an absolute necessity. In the event of a breakdown, a lot of problems may occur. The service center «Expert Appliance Repair» solves these problems and can repair refrigerators of any brand.

Common reasons for breakdowns in refrigerators

  • The refrigerator does not turn on. The motor-compressor does not start.
  • Water around the refrigerator. The refrigerator is flowing.
  • What should I do if the refrigerator freezes?
  • Increased noise during operation.
  1. The refrigerator does not turn on.

    Today, without a cooling device, no modern economy will manage. The refrigerator not only maintains a low temperature for food but also cares about their preservation, leaving produce fresh for a long time.
    If your refrigerator does not turn on, the first cause of failure may be a malfunction of the starting relay, which often begins to be capricious due to a long working
    life. To replace the relay you will need the services of our repairmen. If the relay is OK, there is an obvious problem with the compressor. The main indication of compressor failure is its attempts to start the engine, which turns off after 10 seconds of operation.
    The tech should check with the help of special equipment should check whether the internal winding of the compressor is intact. Also in the internal device, there are valves that can be filled. If the compressor is completely faulty, it will require a complete replacement, which can only be carried out with the proper practical experience of the craftsman.
    Modern models of refrigerators differ from old units by a technical device. In them, the compressor can refuse to start up because there is no signal from the control circuit. In this case, you will need a qualified repair of the refrigerator control unit. Typically, repairs of this type are not limited to fixing at home.The master will have to remove the faulty control module and deliver it to the workshop where an experienced electronics engineer will start a long and painstaking process of fixing each component of the device, replacing the damaged parts and programming the new firmware of the entire module. After completion of all work, the control unit is installed back into the refrigerator and checked for operability. Apart from the complete failure of the control module, all other malfunctions associated with compressor failure can be eliminated on site. As a rule, the repair of the compressor is performed by the technician from about 2 to 4 hours.
    If the control unit is out of order, its repair in the workshop of the
    «Expert Appliance Repair» service center will take no more than 3 days. If the control unit is out of order, its repair in the workshop of the Expert Appliance Repair service center will take no more than 3 days.

  2. Refrigerator leakage

    Masters of repair often encounter customer complaints that the refrigerator is leaking. This problem is quite common, despite the fact that the rest of the refrigerator remains satisfactory. Contrary to expectations, the reason for the appearance of water under the refrigerator is simple to eliminate.
    The most common reason that the fridge flows, are clogged drainage pipes. It is not uncommon for this to occur when parts of food or debris get in together with water, as a result of which the hole is clogged and causes the problem. To get rid of the problem of water under the refrigerator, you need to clean the drainage pipe.

    The cleaning method is different for each model of the refrigerator, but it is possible to distinguish the basic steps:

    • Disconnect the appliance from the mains.
    • Remove all the products from the camera.
    • When the drainage system is clogged, it is necessary to install any capacity under the water drainage chute.

    Clean the opening in the tray with ruff and rinse with a hot water jet at a temperature not exceeding + 75 degrees using a syringe. Repeat this procedure a number of
    times until the water in the vessel is clean. Water from the receptacle on the compressor is collected with a lightweight moisture absorbing material.
    Despite the apparent ease, we recommend that you turn to professionals. This will save you time, and most importantly prevent possible damage to parts of the refrigerator. Our masters will fix this fault for a short period and guarantee the results.

  3. The refrigerator freezes

    The danger of refrigerator breakage is that all the food in it starts spoiling, spreading around bacteria and mold. There is another type of failure when the refrigerator starts freezing too much, as a result the products become completely frozen.
    The main reason that your refrigerator may completely freeze is a malfunction in the thermostat. The temperature inside the unit is regulated by starting and stopping the compressor, which the thermostat fixes the moment when the temperature in the refrigerator reaches the required level. If the temperature starts rising, the thermostat again gives a signal to the compressor, which starts working, pumping the cold. If the refrigerator freezes, then the thermostat is unable to correctly signal the compressor and it needs to be changed as soon as possible.
    Modern refrigerators are equipped with unique technology. If a refrigerator starts freezing, this indicates problems in the temperature sensor and it needs to be replaced. Otherwise, the cause of the failure should be sought in the control module, the components of which need to be restored or reprogrammed.Another reason that the refrigerator is very cold is Freon leakage. This process is accompanied by a reduction in pressure, and therefore the compressor starts working without stopping, trying to
    compensate for the temperature in the freezer. As a result, this will reduce the temperature in the refrigerator compartment. In this case, it will be necessary to call the service center “ Expert Appliance Repair” to find and repair the leak, then refill the refrigerator with Freon.
    Corrections of these faults is carried out only by qualified masters. Attempting an unprofessional intervention can cause serious problems and, as a result, a rise in the cost of repairs, so we recommend that you contact a specialist right away.

  4. Increased noise during operation

    If your electronic friend starts making a lot of noise, you need to move it from the spot and see if any parts of walls or other objects are touching. It often happens that as a result of periodic touches to an electrical appliance it shifts by several centimeters, and this is more than enough for the occurrence of noise. To reduce noise, use a rubbermat, it will dampen vibration and absorb shocks to the floor.The appliances are in contact with the kitchen furniture. The pipelines touch the refrigerator corps (perhaps after transportation).
    Establish the necessary clearances between the refrigerator and nearby equipment and furniture. Remove the piping from contacting the corpus or between each other. Check, perhaps, there is a transport spacer between the compressor and the back wall of the refrigerator cabinet, if it is detected, remove it.If after all that there is still noise, you will have to call the repairman,because the breakdown, apparently, is more serious than expected at the beginning.

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