Why did the refrigerator work loudly?

A new refrigerator started to buzz loudly, and this of course creates discomfort. It is possible that the refrigerator is noisy when it works because of the wrong location in the kitchen. First, you need to find out why the noise is happening. The main source is the compressor. It pumps cold air. If it is equipped with two compressors, then the noise level is doubled, because each of the compressors will operate at different times. In the case of a serviceable refrigerator, the noise level of the compressor is quite tolerable.

If the refrigerator does not only make a lot of noise, but also produces irregular, jarring sounds, then the problem lies in another place, which is completely solvable. First, you will need to check if your refrigerator is not too close to the wall or furniture. Make sure that the refrigerator is installed correctly.
It is worth noting that before buying a new refrigerator it is recommended to check it before switching on so that the compressor tubes are not in contact. Otherwise, there will be occur noise.

Why the refrigerator loudly buzzes: the reasons for the malfunction

  • Defective shock absorbers. If earlier, the new unit worked well, and then it began to make noise, it is necessary to look at the shock absorbers of the compressor. In the event of a weak fixation, a background noise will occur. Therefore, it is not surprising that the unit began to rattle and “jump”. Replace faulty compressor dampers with a new one and then the problem will be resolved.
  • Refrigerant. A household appliance with the use of refrigerant may start to emit a strong noise due to the circulation of gas in tubes with a frenzied motion. This is normal., it will be necessary to get used to that the refrigerator is buzzing.

    Noise of a new refrigerator

    According to the GOST standards, the permissible noise level of the refrigerator is data up to 55 dB and this is the average sound level. However, if you look at the attached manufacturer’s instructions, most of the latest batches have about 40 dB.
    Note that when choosing a technique, you need to pay attention to the label on the front side of the device. You will see a class of energy consumption, the volume of each camera and the indication of decibels. If you want the refrigerator to work almost silently, review the models and purchase one that has the lowest noise reading.

      If the choice of quiet unit still emits a strong buzz, you can do the following:

    • Check the removal of the transport bolts. They fix the springs, where the compressor is fixed. If you do not pull out the bolts, then the refrigerator will rattle and make loud noise.
    • Let the refrigerator stand a few minutes. Let it freeze a little — to get to normal operation, the device will need a week.
    • Third — check if the device is installed correctly. Perhaps, there is contact with objects or near furniture. For normal operation, it is required to leave a space up to the wall of about 5 cm.
    • Pay attention to the load of the refrigerator. By the way, this applies to new and old refrigeration units. It is possible that pots or cans come in contact with each other — this creates a ringing. Here you just need to correctly distribute the content of the shelves.
    • Did you notice the hum of the refrigerator only at the beginning of the compressor? This is normal! At the start, the motor needs a large starting current, so you hear a brief growl of the refrigerator.

    But, if you have everything in the refrigerator perfectly and it has worked regularly for more than a year, and before there were no extraneous noises, this indicates a problem. Therefore, it gives you a signal that something is wrong with it.
    If the technology still does not work, it is better to call an experienced repairman who will make the diagnosis, and then make a qualitative repair.
    The specialists of the service center Expert Appliance Repair have in stock the components of the highest class, the more there are the warranty obligations. Our experienced masters will quickly figure out why the device turns on and immediately turns off, and professionally eliminates the cause of the breakdown.

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