What do you do when there are problems with your wine cooler?

Not everyone can have a wine cooler. This fridge is often used by people who like drinking different kinds of wine or collect it.

The main reasons for the failure of wine coolers

Breakdowns can occur in any equipment, it does not depend on its manufacturer and service life. The most common factors that cause faults in wine coolers are:

  • Errors in operation: The equipment should stand properly, away from heat sources and a short distance from the wall. It is not recommended to use in extremely high temperatures.
  • Power surges: Modern products are very sensitive to high voltage levels, so their electronic systems might fail.
  • Natural wear: Even the most durable and high-quality parts are still subject to wear.

There are several faults that require attention:

    1. The temperature sensor failure

      The main reason for the malfunction is the wrong temperature inside the wine cooler. The temperature sensor can transmit to the control card the data that the temperature inside is above or below normal, although in reality, it corresponds to the set parameters.
      Having received such information, the signal is transmitted to the motor, which either starts cooling too much or stops cooling all together. Due to the fact that the device uses high-precision sensors, they are usually not repaired. The only way to restore the working capacity of the product is to replace the temperature sensors.

    2. The moisture sensor broke

      This will be evidenced by misting windows and increasing the humidity level. Lead to this situation may a voltage jump and even the moving of the device since the installed sensor is very sensitive to vibrations and mechanical influences.
      It is recommended that eliminating breakage as soon as possible, because due to non-compliance with moisture conditions, products may deteriorate. Repair is done by replacing the broken humidity sensor with a new one.

    3. The integrity of the tightness is broken

      If the leakage is breached, then this indicates the appearance on the scoreboard of errors in working with the compressor. The sealing rubber is replaced on the door of the product, to restore the tightness. The task of the master is to disassemble the door with the removal of the casing and install a new original rubber band.

    4. The fuse burned out

      If the glow of the screen is not observed when the wine cooler is on, and the equipment itself does not work, it is worth it to check the voltage in the network. If the socket and plug are also in good condition, then, probably, the reason lies in the burnt fuse.
      Replacing it yourself will not work, as access to it is quite complicated and requires the presence of special tools. The best solution is to entrust the replacement of the fuse to the master services of “Expert Appliance Repair”.

    5. Damage to the door glass

      In the majority of models of wine coolers, the doors are made of tempered glass, which is distinguished by increased reliability and durability. However, there is a possibility of damage to it, with a strong mechanical effect. It leads to the entry of warm air into the chamber and a violation of the temperature-humidity regime. During installation, the repairman will remove the old glass, replace it with a new one, and then carefully adjust the door hinges, not allowing even a millimeter skewing of the door.


The team of the service center “Expert Appliance Repair” is ready to repair wine coolers, including:

  • Replacement of the compressor, evaporator, and other modules/units;
  • Elimination of refrigerant leaks and refueling;
  • Wash the condenser, etc.
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