Inconsistent Oven Temperature? Here’s Why!

If you have an oven that heats up slowly or overheats, Expert Appliance Repair Orange County can help! Here are a few quick tips and simple fixes that can help you to fix your oven:

Many models of ovens allow the user to adjust the temperature of the thermostat. Over time, the thermostat can lose its calibration, especially if the oven model is older. Check to make sure the thermostat is adjustable and that it works. You can use a small screwdriver to adjust your oven thermostat if you need to. The adjusting screw is usually located on the thermostat valve system. Try to remove the knob and the screw should be directly underneath.

Some ovens have a calibration plate or ring instead of a screw. The ring is usually quite large, and it is located behind the thermostat knob. Refer to your oven’s owner manual or research online about the safest way to calibrate your thermostat with a calibration plate or a ring.

Once you have found the screw and adjusted the thermostat, turn on the oven and run it through a minimum of two cycles. Watch the calibrating oven thermometer for both low and high temperatures. Adjust the screw to tune the temperature as needed.

We Can Help!

If your oven has an inconsistent oven temperature, we can help! At Expert Appliance Repair Orange County, we can help you identify the reason as to why your oven is either heating up too slowly or too quickly and we can fix it for you.

If you have a malfunctioning oven and are looking for the best repairment service with the lowest costs, give us a call at (949) 428-1950 today!

We are available for same-day appointments, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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