Ice Maker Troubles? We Can Help!

The reason as to why your ice maker may not be working properly could be due to a few different reasons. Here are a few quick tips and simple fixes that can help you to fix your ice maker:

Many modern freezers have installation problems that are simple to fix. First, make sure your freezer has cooled down after installation. If the freezer doors had to be removed for installation, check to make sure that the wiring harness is securely reattached.

Check to see whether or not the filter is clogged with sediment. A clogged filter could prevent water from flowing out. Clean out the filter if there is any visible sediment.

Ice makers require 40 psi in order to fill properly. Check to make sure the water supply valve is turned on and turned wide open. The valve is typically located beneath the kitchen sink and has a ¼ inch copper line running to the freezer.

From time to time, the ice maker’s fill tube may freeze. To check whether or not the fill tube is frozen, remove the ice maker from the freezer and look at the fill tube. If it is frozen, you may need to replace the water fill valve.

If the flow of water is provided to the icemaker but not to the water dispenser, check to see if the dispenser tank is frozen. If the tank is frozen, you can turn up the thermostat to increase the air circulation throughout the freezer. This is to help thaw the frozen dispenser tank.

We Can Help!

If your ice maker is not working properly, we can help! At Expert Appliance Repair Orange County, we can help you identify the reason as to why your ice maker is not working well and we can fix it for you.

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