What do you do if the washing machine sparks

A washing machine is complex equipment, in which there are many moving nodes. Therefore, it makes noise and crackles when working. But, sometimes you may hear a wrong and strong crash, and notice that the washing machine sparks inside the case.

If you find a spark or glow in the washing machine during washing, immediately turn off and de-energize the equipment.
But sometimes when sparks emanate its is normal. Let’s sort out such situations when it is normal for a washing machine.

There are two possibilities:

  • When an old washing machine was recently repaired, the repairman may have changed the engine or brushes on it.
  • When you buy a new machine, and it comes into operation.

When assembling or repairing parts are installed in the correct position, but the collector and brushes still need a period of lapping.
To make it go faster, the first time, it is recommended to wash with incomplete loading and spin at medium speed. Some machines need 2-3 washes, but for the full effect it is better to lead up to 10 “light” washes.

If the sparks in the washing machine did appear not after repairing the old one or buying a new washing machine, you are faced with a malfunction.
Sparks appear due to wear of some parts, due to wiring problems, due to short circuits in electronic components. There are many possible reasons, but the correct one is set by the master during the diagnostics of the equipment. Therefore, if you find that the washing machine sparkles and crackles during operation — call a specialist at our service center. It is dangerous to use faulty equipment. This can cause serious damage to the electrical wiring in the apartment and even cause a fire.

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