Why is the gas extinguished in a gas oven?

Most housewives prefer gas stoves. If the gas oven goes out during work or at once after releasing the handle, do not worry, you can to find the reason. Generally, the cause of it in gas stoves or the ovens is them having poor connections between the thermocouple and the solenoid valve, which is the malfunction of the gas control system.

Here are the main reasons why the oven does not work or work properly in the gas stove:

  • 1. The tip of the thermocouple could move in from where it should be located, and the oven is not really warmed up for this reason. To fix this breakdown, you need to install the tip. You can do this yourself.
  • 2. If the tip of the thermocouple is very dirty during the operation of the oven. In this situation, the oven will not work properly. You can clean it yourself by watching videos or reading tips on the Internet.
  • 3. Other failures in the gas control system, which require specialist intervention. Independently look for the reasons and eliminate them may be possibly, but it is best to call our masters.

It is impossible to repair an oven without specialists. Therefore, if the oven of the gas stove turns off, call in our service center Expert Appliance Repair.
If the gas is blocked.
Check that the gas supply valve is open to the stove and oven.The gasflame sensor does not have time to warm up, when the temperature sensor does not fix the temperature. The sensor does not get triggered instantly, it takes time to commit changes. Hold the knob a little longer than usual (up to 15 seconds). Also, do not forget to unscrew it at the maximum when turning on the oven.
If the oven burner is dirty, the fuel will not go.
In this case, you will see that the burner will ignite unevenly. Because of this, at the location of the temperature sensor of the gas control system, the flame may be too weak or absent. Then the system will shut off the gas. To solve problems, it is necessary to remove the burner.
If the gas pressure in the pipeline is the issue.
When the pressure drops, the weak intensity of the fire.This situation is extremely rare in centralized networks, but is common when using balloon gas when it ends. To solve problems, it is necessary to refill the cylinder or
replace it with a new one.

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