Why does the automatic ignition in gas stove not work?

On many models of gas stoves, designers set an automatic ignition, which is activated by the gas supply or from a separate button.
This function is very convenient: it is not necessary to have contact with open fire in order to light the burner. What to do if you suddenly find that auto ignition on a gas stove not working?
Specialists in gas stoves on the basis of the collected statistics compiled an approximate register of frequently encountered failures.

  • When pressing the burner control knob or a special separate electric ignition button does not occur.
  • The automatics of the product in the gas stove work constantly, clicks are heard, but there is no spark — the gas does not ignite.
  • After releasing the button or knob, the system does not turn off.
  • The device continues to operate continuously, even when the button is not pressed.
  • It knocks out a circuit breaker in the housing panel at the start.
  • Closed piezoelectric ignition or electric firing plate.

Why does the electric ignition of the gas stove not work?
There are several causes of a malfunction in this device.

  • There is no spark in the electrodes.
  • Moisture or grease has fallen on the inside of the system or on the surface of the candle.
  • A crack has appeared or the insulation of a candle made of ceramic has burst.
  • Blown transformer — spark generation unit.
  • The contacts of the power button were oxidized or a deposit was formed on them as a result of a short circuit.

Some malfunctions can occur after wet cleaning the hob when moisture gets into the inside of the stove. To eliminate them, it is enough to make preventive measures: cleaning the contacts, drying the candles — practically the same measures are made by motorists.
Most of the failures that led to the failure can be repaired by yourself — they are not dangerous for the user, but it must be remembered that gas stoves are potentially dangerous products, so even maintenance work must be carried out carefully.
Sometimes the failure of the ignition button leads to the fact that the repair does not help — a complete replacement is necessary. In this case, call our service center and we will fix the situation.

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