Why do mistakes occur in dishwashers Bosch?

There is a self-diagnostic function in a lot of dishwashers.
The most popular are the models of the German company Bosch. Errors of Bosch dishwashers are displayed by codes from the letters E or F together with the numbers. It is very useful and helps to save time for repairs and checking.
Therefore, you need to know the meaning of each of the codes. If the problem is not serious, you can figure it out for yourself. If not, specialists of our service center will help you.

The German company Bosch has long been considered the world leader in the production of household appliances. All of its products are of high quality. In addition, it is convenient and practical.
Dishwashers of German assembly are in demand not only in Germany. It’s hard to argue with German quality, because with the proper operation of the model, it will last dozens of years.
Further, we will consider the error indications of Bosch dishwashers.

If there are problems with heating the water, the display will show one of the following codes:

  • E02 (the temperature sensor is jamming);
  • E09 (you need to check the flow heater);
  • E11 (requires NTC diagnostics, possibly, no power is supplied to it);
  • E12 (indicates a scale on the heating element).

During draining and flooding of water, a lot of faults occur. The possible errors of the Bosch dishwashers during this process are displayed on the screen with the following code block:

  • Е3 (water does not fill up);
  • Е5 (the sensor does not control the water level and does not stop the filling process);
  • E8 (little water in the tank);
  • Е16 (uncontrolled auto tune of water occurs);
  • E17 (water flow sensor diagnosis required);
  • E21 (problems with the drain pump);
  • Е07 (something closes the hole from which water is drained);
  • E22 (a filter contamination);
  • Е24 (clog or kink of the drain hose);
  • E25 (pump and filter diagnostics are necessary).

All of these errors mean problems with clogging.
The next group is a problem with the water switch and sensors.

  • E4 (problem with the flow switch);
  • E6 (the device responsible for the purity of water has broken);
  • E14 (improper functioning of the sensor responsible for the quality of incoming water);
  • E15 (there is a leakage of water in the tray).

And the last group of mistakes, which are considered the most serious, are electrical problems. The codes E01 and E30 indicate that the electronics of the dishwasher are not working properly. Sometimes the usual reboot helps. But, if the situation appears repeatedly, it is better to call the master. The specialists in the repair of Bosch dishwashers know all the mistakes and how to fix them. The E27 code appears if there is an under voltage in the network.

It is impossible to know the error codes of Bosch dishwashers without a display. Therefore, if you see that the unit is not working perfectly, immediately contact our specialists. The employees of our company will carry out qualitative diagnostics and repair of Bosch dishwashers after which they will serve for more than one year.

There are two easy ways to reset errors on a Bosch dishwasher:

The first way is to disconnect the Bosch dishwasher from the mains for 15-20 minutes. This time is enough for the control module to reset the settings and restart.
The second way is to press and hold the “Power on” button for 10-15 seconds. After this action, the Bosch dishwasher settings are reset to the factory settings.

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