What do you do if a washing machine has problems with rotating the drum?

The reel is the principal element of the washer. You cannot wash clothes if the drum does not rotate. In this instance it is important find the reason for failure.

    Reasons why the reel of a washing machine rotates badly are:

    • Overloading of laundry
    • Damaged motor drive belt.
    • An engine failure.
    • Imbalance of the drum mechanism.

      We need to know how the drum spins during washing, if it rotates tightly or does not rotate at all.

      The drum spins tightly.

      Possible reasons:

      • Overloading;
      • The presence of extraneous objects between the tank and the drum.

      If the drum mechanism does not rotate properly when washing of laundry, then perhaps the main reason is overload. Find information about the peak heft of clothes on which the washer is designed.A lot of washers rotate the drum, we do not have to go beyond of heft of linens.
      Another common problem with the washer is the outside object entering the area between the tank and the reel mechanism because this thing can hinder with normal operation of washing machines.

      The reel does not rotate.

      Possible reasons:

      • Failure of the drive belt.
      • An engine failure.

      When the washer starts its operating cycle with a crowded or unbalanced reel, the drive belt may jump off or break. In this instance, you can carry out an independent replacement or belt tension.
      It is possible that a disrepair of the engine is the main reason why the drum in the washer stopped spinning. Breakage of winding or a short circuit is a rare situation that owners of home appliances face. Such a complicated repair is best entrusted to experienced experts of Expert Appliance Repair service center.
      Now you know the reasons why your drum is working weakly, or does not spin at all. But, it is best to call specialists of our service center, they will quickly find out the cause of the breakdown and qualitatively make repairs.

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