What do you do if a washing machine does not turn on or want to work?

You prepare a new portion of laundry, but the washing machine does not turn on. What can you do in this case? What can be the reason for this malfunction?
Let us look at the situation. The fact is that by the expression can pass various signs of behavior of the Machine, and you have to remember that almost everything is fixable and can be repaired.

  1. Situation No1

    Someone presses the power button, the washing machine does not turn on at all. That is, even the control lamps do not light up and the indication on the control panel does not
    light up. It happens that the washing machine is turned off and does not turn on. For example, the last cycle of washing machine safely finished, but today does not want to turn on.

    What to do?

    In this situation, it is worthwhile to check the power cord and make sutr the plug is plugged into the power outlet and it fits snugly. Also, if an extension cord is used, there may be a malfunction in it. Another reason why the washing machine is not turning on can be a banal lack of voltage in network or in this outlet. You can check the presence of voltage by inserting another electrical appliance into this socket.
    Another reason of fauliure may be the button for turning on the washing machine. In this situation, you need to call in a service center Expert Appliance Repair and, our specialists can help you with this problem.

  2. Situation No2

    Someone says “my washing machine is not turning on”, but in fact the machine turned on, the bulbs caught fire, but after pressing the “start” button, the machine does not start and the program does not start. This breakdown can be described in words the washing machine turns on, but does not work (does not fill the water, does not erase, does not select the program).

    What to do?

    • Check what kind of program you have selected and if it is selected at all. Sometimes the reason can be a small detail. Check everything carefully and leisurely.
    • Sometimes a problem may be in the door lock (hatch). It may be defective and block the entire operation of the washing machine. Specialist helps by replacing it with a new door.
    • If, after turning on the washing machine, you hear a muffled noise, check the water supply in the water pipe and the if water tap on the washing machine is open.

    If the washing machine does not turn on, you should not worry. First, unplug the power cord from the outlet and do not attempt to start the washing machine again. Further, call to an experienced master our company and we will fix the malfunction.

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