What are the reasons malfunctions of the ice makers?

Ice makers are used in everyday life and in professional kitchens to create ice cubes. You pour the water, press the button and get a big batch of ice. But even with such simple devices, there are malfunctions. The service center “Expert Appliance Repair” will be able to repair your ice maker promptly.

Let’s descry typical breakages, and also we will find ways of their correction.

  • The malfunction of the compressor, its full or partial exit from work;
  • Contamination of the condenser, which can cause serious problems with the whole unit;
  • Clogging of a special filter-drier;
  • Lack or excess of refrigerant, which negatively affects the entire operation of the equipment;
  • A breakdown of the condenser fan or air cooler.
  1. The breaking of the compressor

    Problems occur with the compressor most often. This element of any aggregate serves from 3 to 10 years. Duration of service depends on the operating conditions, its quality and reliability of the manufacturer.

    The main causes of failure of the refrigeration compressor:

    • Unsuccessful previous repair — incorrectly selected parts or elements and their incompatibility can lead to unpleasant consequences (therefore, it is necessary to trust repair work only for professional masters);
    • Overloading the electrical network can adversely affect the operation of the compressor;
    • Compressors also stop working at very high temperatures in the room where the equipment is located;
    • On the evaporator or condenser, there are extraneous elements — dirt or snow. These conditions are unfavorable for compressor operation;
    • Incorrect operation of the refrigeration unit can also lead to a rapid breakdown of the compressor.

    If it so happens that your ice maker has broken down, appeal “Expert Appliance Repair”. We will perform promptly and qualitatively repair the ice maker.

  2. Contamination of the condenser

    If you notice the contamination of the condenser or the contamination of its heat exchange surface, then immediately contact us.
    With a condenser, you should be very careful and call the master to repair the ice maker at the slightest suspicion. Even with a contaminated of the condenser, the equipment still works for a long time. But in these conditions, other nodes of the compressor at times more quickly wear out, and the unit itself is constantly in an overheated state. But each user can avoid such problems — one should regularly look into the “interior” of the cooling unit and carry out systematic cleaning. If this has not been done for months, then without a master of the company “Expert Appliance Repair” is no longer necessary.

  3. The filter is clogged.

    Another big breakdown is a clogged filter that drains the cooling units. With this element, the cooling filter is cleaned of moisture and other dirty impurities.
    The filter is easy to see: it is located between the condenser and the valve, which carries out thermoregulation. The clogged filter strongly affects the operation of the refrigeration equipment. After the filter is clogged, the equipment starts to work poorly, it freezes worse and, if you do not take any action, it goes out of order.
    The main causes of these filter impurities may be the improper operation of the equipment or poor quality assembly. Very often, users of low-cost models of aggregates face problems not of the compressor itself, but of the filter-drier.

  4. Lack or excess of refrigerant

    Refrigerant is a kind of gasoline for a refrigeration equipment. And in the aggregates, the excess of refrigerant negatively affects the operation of all equipment. Lack of substance also leads to negative consequences. If there is a shortage or an overabundance of “fuel”, the unit cools much worse and then stops working. Also, problems arise when the substance is improperly charged or because the contour is poorly sealed.
    Therefore, in such cases, it is necessary to entrust your equipment only to the most professional and experienced masters (and such work in the company “Expert Appliance Repair”), in order to avoid expensive repair of the whole unit in the future.

  5. Fault in condenser fan or air cooler

    If the electric motor of the air cooler or the condenser fan breaks down, the cooling unit completely ceases to cool. This is due to the fact that the ice maker can no longer carry out the so-called heat sink from the condenser. Independently to fix or prevent such malfunctions is very difficult.
    Therefore, immediately you need to contact experienced experts of the company “Expert Appliance Repair”, which will conduct a general inspection of the equipment and promptly eliminate all problems.

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