How to troubleshoot common dishwasher problems.

How to troubleshoot common dishwasher problems.

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A dishwasher is very easy to use, but often has different problems. For example, the dishwasher does not run, machine does not fill or it does not process. But, you do not have to immediately call the repairman because you can fix it up yourself or find the problem. So firstly, it is helpful to know how a dishwasher works before you begin to repair it. A dishwasher is not a popular kitchen appliance. A lot of people do not know how these devices work, but everything is pretty simple. This machine washes dishes with the help of hot water and soap, it also pumps out the dirty water, and then dries the tableware.

The dishes fit into the car, then a washing program is selected. Special containers should be loaded with detergent designed specifically for dishwashers.
The next step is washing dishes. Water of the required temperature with a detergent is sprayed onto the dishes and rinses off the leftovers of food and fat.

At the end of the washing procedure, several rinsing cycles are carried out with clean water.

Then, if the machine has a drying function, the dishes are dried. When the dishes are rinsed, the water is heated. Then the water is drained, and the walls of the machine, condense on their internal surfaces, next the moisture evaporates from the hot dishes. The latter flows down the walls into a common drain.

It is important to understand why the machine does not work. First you must switch off the dishwasher. Then you should turn the water supply valve, wait for a while when you turn off the machine.

You must check that the power is off. You have to find where the cord of the machine connects to the vessel, most often it is under the sink. Some machines have a reset button near the vessel, you have to press it, but some have a button in a different compartment, and you must do the same.

Then next step is to check the electrical panel. It exists in order for the circuit breaker to work. If you find it, you must turn it off to replace the fuse or reset the switch.

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