Does your washing machine hum when pressed?

A washing machine is an important thing in life for every person, especially for families with small children. It helps to save time and protect their health.

Sometimes there are malfunctions with washing machines, such as the machine not getting filled up with water, it not heating the water, or the washer not rinsing out clothes. Before you will call in a service center, you may be able to find the reason at home.

Some possibilities are:

  • Problems with a bearing.
  • The engine is defective.
  • Something getting between the reel and tank.
  • Problems with the counterweight.
  1. Problems with a bearing.

    A bearing is the most important element in washing machines. The reel rotates thanks to it, but damage to this part is threatened by jamming the reel and damaging most of the items in the machine. Humming and strong vibrations during pressing can arise, when the reel dangles in the washing machine.
    Sometimes vibrations cannot occur, this breakage is difficult to determine. You must open the machine door, click on the edge of the reel and rotate it, to check the condition of the bearing.
    Also, you can shake the reel up and down. If backlash is felt you must immediately appeal to the service center. The bearing rarely breaks. It usually serves for about 10 years.

  2. Engine Defects

    This breakdown is determined the easiest. The engine is failing if the machine stopped twisting the reel. The problem is solved by replacing the brushes on the motor, but sometimes the winding of the motor may be damaged.

  3. Something getting between the reel and tank.

    Different objects (trifles, buttons) fall into the space between the tank and the reel, which becomes a source of unpleasant noise. If you do not remove the object in time, it can lead to a serious break down.
    It is best to check the pockets of clothing for things and remove them, to avoid such issues. Sometimes it is very difficult to get things out of the washing machine.Occasionally you have to completely disassemble it to pull out a small coin or stud, so be careful!

  4. Problems with counterweight.

    The counterweight is used to mitigate vibrations during pressing. This element is usually made of concrete. Since concrete blocks have the property of aging and breaking down, it begins to simply hang on the mount. Signs of malfunctions in the counter weight are the hum and strong vibrations of the machine.
    To check its serviceability it will be necessary to disassemble the machine and check the attachment manually. If the counterweight dangles, then you can tighten the bolts and it will correctly again.

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