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If in need of a same-day wine cooler repair service, call Expert Appliance Repair Orange County at (949) 428-1950. We are available each and every hour of the day to repair all kinds of wine coolers.

Here at Expert Appliance Repair Orange County, we have highly competent repair specialists who have been professionally trained to successfully repair all types and makes of wine coolers.

  1. Expert Appliance Repair Orange County provides its customers with the best repairment service at the lowest costs:

    • We do not charge if we are able to help repair your wine cooler over the phone
    • We do not charge anything extra for holidays, weekends, or nighttime appointments
    • We provide repair estimates that are reasonably controlled by our guaranteed Low Price Protection Policy
    • Wine cooler refrigerators are designed for short-term storage, making them ideal for keeping handy the wines you plan to drink within a few months.


    Wine Coolers


    Wine coolers are made for short-term wine bottle storage, which makes it more convenient for people to store the bottles of wine they plan on drinking within two to three months. Wine coolers are especially popular amongst beginner wine collectors who would like a cooling wine refrigerator in order to properly store their bottles of wine.

    At Expert Appliance Repair Orange County, we like to offer a few tips that can help you to extend the life of your wine cooler and keep it well maintained:

    • Hygrometers and Humidity Level Monitors are important to add to your wine cooler since the process of refrigeration often lowers humidity levels, which can dry out wine corks.


    • It is best to purchase a larger wine cooler rather than a smaller one because it is very common for wine collectors to underestimate the wine cooler capacity that they need.


    • You may be interested in slide-out shelving – a wine cooler feature that helps to make restocking your wine cooler more convenient. Some wine coolers come with this feature, while others do not.


    • Some companies sell Dual Zone refrigerators, which are essentially wine coolers designed for storing both red and white wine in the same cooler.


    • Check the storage slot capacity. The standard storage slots are 3.25 to 3.50 inches wide. If you are unsure of whether or not your wine bottles will fit, it is best to look for wine coolers that have slots designed for magnum bottles, which are usually 3.75 inches wide.


    • Wine coolers need a continual temperature of 55 to 57 degrees Fahrenheit and a humidity level between 50 and 70 percent. Wine coolers also need darkness in order to prevent any damage to the wine caused by fluorescent or ultraviolet light.


    If your wine cooler is not performing well, this could be due to a number of reasons. Expert Appliance Repair Orange County can help you identify the current problem affecting the performance of your wine cooler and estimate the cost of repair or replacement. Once you have found out the estimated cost, we can help you to decide whether repairing or replacing the wine cooler is the more appropriate choice.

    If you have a malfunctioning wine cooler and are looking for the best repairment service with the lowest costs, call Expert Appliance Repair Orange County!


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